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  • product features::
  • • the laser projects separately or simultaneously 1 horizontal and 

     4 orthogonal vertical green beams, intersected forward and on 

     the ceiling as well as one red plumb dot.

    • self-levels in automatic mode when the laser is positioned within 

     its self-leveling range of ±3°.

    • visual and audible warning will appear, when the laser is 

     positioned beyond its self-leveling range.

    • emits pulses that can be detected by a detector, increasing the 

     product’s range up to 60m (200’). 

    • manual mode allows angular layout/marking.

    • the locking mechanism protects the pendulum during 

     transportation or when the laser is not in use.

    • rubberized shock resistant casing.

    • 5/8" tripod adaptor

    • height-adjustable support legs.

    • 360° micro-adjustable rotation.

    • powered by li – polymer battery pack, or 4 aa alkaline batteries

    • includes: li – polymer battery pack, laser target, charging 

     cables, 4 aa alkaline batteries and hard carrying case.

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